The Periodic Table: Science of Sweet

The Periodic Table goes to Ice Cream Jubilee & Dolcezza Gelato!

Things we learned: Your Tongue is Dumb, "Acronym for the difference between gelato & ice cream - FAT: less Fat, no Air churned in, and is served at a higher Temperature." —@sciencingsara, and Gelato is like a Chuck E Cheese ball pit.

At Cure[ate], we encourage the craftsmanship and storytelling of each up-and-coming food & drink professional to shine through with every experience. Each Cure[ate] event has a learning component so that when you walk away from the meal, you've digested newfound flavors and knowledge.

Contact Cure[ate] today if you or your company would like to host your own private Periodic Table food & science experience. We will tailor our menu and theme so that your target audience will walk away with a unique, memorable meal tied back to your brand's mission. 

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