Periodic Table Supper series promises plenty of brain food for science-types

Q: If Fork A leaves the plate travelling at 1 mile per hour and Fork B leaves five minutes later travelling at 1.6 miles per hour, how long does it take to finish dinner?

You won’t be subjected to such ridiculous conundrums at Periodic Table Supper -- a new monthly dinner series that pairs multi-course meals with lectures about the science of each dish -- though the format may be a little reminiscent of a high school science class.

In lieu of boring professors with ill-fitting pants, talks are led by co-founder Eric Schulze. The molecular biologist is also the founder of Thirst D.C., a social gathering that unites people of all ages and professions for drinks and science-leaning intellectual discussion ( Or, as the Web site describes it, a “sexy nerd house party.”

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