FOOD SCIENCE SEX: The Periodic Table + PornBurger Unite

No other choice for Valentine’s Day. Let us whet your palate. We won’t make too much of a mess.

Get the warm tingles all over with our aphrodisiac-heavy dining experience. Naturally with Chef Mat Ramsey of PornBurger at the helm, your mouth won’t stop watering. We’ve also partnered with aperitif company Fasel Shenstone to provide libations and keep the juices flowing. And of course, Eric Schulze, PhD will blow.your.mind for this series on FOOD SCIENCE SEX

Guests were welcomed with dinner and a show; a #mindblowing presentation on how food turns us on by Eric Schulze, PhD, a 3-course aphrodisiac meal prepared by Mr. PornBurger himself, and Yzaguirre vermouth cocktails throughout the evening. Check out photos below from our weekend of FOOD SCIENCE SEX: 

Product LaunchKim Bryden