UP CLOSE & PERSONAL: Yzaguirre Vermouth at Jaleo DC

Beverage culture in America is shifting. What you may have found in your grandparents' liquor cabinet is now becoming mainstream. From rosé to sherry to pre-prohibition cocktails, America's palate is changing and the aperitif that's on our mind is vermouth.

Our go-to pick is Yzaguirre, the oldest vermouth produced in Spain — since 1884! We have the pleasure of working with the US importer, Fasel Shenstone. Lucky for us, the owner himself (Pepe) and his export manager (Gregori) visited the East Coast and Cure[ate] organized DC's Meet the Producer tour. Cure[ate] executed a private tasting for renowned cocktail bar, Barmini, and their skilled team; followed by an industry tasting and public tasting of Yzaguirre at Jaleo.

Check out Creative Ideation's video of the tasting, as well as photos from the evening!

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