A Year in Review: 2015

2015 marked the first full-year of Cureate. We're big advocates of self-reflection to set a thoughtful course of action for the next year; and there’s a question we've been grappling with that we'd like to pose. What does success mean to you? This is what we will be searching for over the course of this year as we think about what growth means to us, and for our business.

Cureate works with people every day on growing and scaling their businesses. So, we are on the hunt to figure out how we can create an ecosystem for business owners to feel like they are growing sustainably within a community that provides support and structure. We welcome feedback about your own life and how you perceive growth and success!

With that said, here’s our 2015 in Review.


  • Launched Tastemade DC (global food+tech app), created a library of fun food videos and on boarded 35+ Tastemakers to capture the best of DC’s food culture. We even had this amazing event at Jaleo featuring on of our favorite products, Yzaguirre Vermouth
  • We’ve been working with creative real estate partner, verdeHOUSE, since the beginning of Cureate and it’s been thrilling to see how food and beverage small business owners and real-estate place-making have grown as intertwined verticals. 
  • We created a dinner series called The Periodic Table with co-host Eric Schulze, PhD. We teach diners about the scientific reactions they are eating, while an up-and-coming chef prepares and serves a delectable meal. This year we had the pleasure of hosting FOOD SCIENCE SEX with the ineffable Mat Ramsey.
  • First (of many to come) public workshop on, “How to Become a #FoodPorn Star


  • We were 6 months into running Cureate, so we spent a lot of time reflecting on our strategies and putting them out into the world through a variety of content pieces. If you have a chance, give ‘em a read and let us know your thoughts:
  • We explored the food and beverage culture of Iceland. We had the pleasure of dining at a 13-course biodynamic wine dinner at Reykjavik’s #1 restaurant, Dill.
  • One of the most life-changing projects we've worked on this year was with the Baltimore Integration Partnership, Humanim, and American Communities Trust; organizing a #madeinBaltimore Vendor Fair where we identified 30 emerging food & beverage businesses to pair with 120+ public and private sector buyers. Since, we’ve been reimagining how we can create an ecosystem that big businesses and institutions can provide access to opportunity and capital for small business to grow and scale. Check out the highlight reel, FOX News spot, and Baltimore Sun article:


  • Cureate won an American Small Business award! Check out this video entry, and photo of Cureate CEO, Kim Bryden, receiving the award in Rochester, NY. It was provided by SCORE and Sam’s Club, and there were only 1-2 small business winners per state.
  • We dined with Spanish chef José Andrés in Spain. The sherry triangle, great food and phenomenal people… honestly we couldn't have topped Iceland but this trip also took the cake.
  • Cureate’s 1-year anniversary!
  • Two really fun work-related events in September; an incredible launch party with El Camino Travel for an emerging global brand, Kit + Ace, and this year’s TEDxMidAtlantic. Watch some of the videos that are LIVE: https://www.facebook.com/tedxmidatlantic


  • We’ve been working on a calendar school year-long educational curriculum for food entrepreneurs in Baltimore: http://schooloffood.org. The curriculum was birthed from our CEO's brain, and as of now, there are 18 businesses who are a part of this first cohort. We also offer one-off workshop tickets to anyone in the industry who would like to attend. Scroll through the website to see past workshops and upcoming!
  • One of our favorite events was Food Entrepreneur Demo Day, where 6 businesses showcased their product and pitched in front of Baltimore’s business leaders. The winner? Greg from 2am Bakery! He got 1:1 time with major anchor institution buyers to talk about how his world famous carrot cake could be sold in their universities/hospitals. 
  • Began working with Glen’s Garden Market on their second location launch! Glen’s is an all-local grocery store that has launched 40+ small businesses. We were tasked with highlighting these small businesses that have grown alongside Glen’s, as well as generating buzz and community support for the new store opening. We came up with #24DaysofGlens campaign where local artist Zsofi Lang created doodles of every small business. They were then posted on social media channels, like a digital advent calendar, to announce what small business would be in which Glen’s location that day — so you could come in for your treat! We also produced postcards that neighbors could send to friends/family, that we would then mail and the recipient could bring it in for 10% off their purchase. 
  • Cureate CEO Kim is now a part of the Global Shapers community, and she has been brainstorming how to effectively turn our local economic development initiatives through food and beverage (big business/institutions investing money and opportunities into small business owners) into a regional/national/global strategy. Small challenge…

So, what are you most excited about for the New Year? How can we collaborate and work together? Let's start a conversation about growing and scaling your business today.

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