Mera Kitchen Collective: A Food Co-op Focused on the Empowerment of the Baltimore Refugee & Immigrant Community

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EPISODE 06: Mera Kitchen Collective — a Food Co-op Focused on the Empowerment of the Baltimore Refugee & Immigrant Community


  • "Baltimore has a long history of being a destination for refugees – from people fleeing pogroms in the early 20th century to Soviet refugees in the 1980s and 90s. In fact, Old Bay Seasoning, Baltimore’s iconic spice, was invented by a refugee who had fled Nazi-occupied Germany."
  • The refugee community in Baltimore is such an isolated community. They are not integrated into the larger Baltimore community.
  • "Our policies and systems can create structural barriers that make it harder for some individuals to gain access to resources and opportunities." This is a core tenant of why you created Mera Kitchen.
  • We wanted to create something intentional to overcome these barriers. [...] We wanted to create a structure that [...] focused on empowerment and growth.
  • Pop-up dinners, catering events, coffee ceremony... We focused on Eritrean, Cameroonian, and Syrian cuisine.
  • Hosting a Refugee Community event! Check it out (see image below).
  • People don't want just a handout of assistance, these are really skilled professionals. You want to resume some sort of normal life.
  • Iman, one of our worker-owners, she makes this incredible rice. She has a lot of ways of preparing it, and people want to know the story behind it. [Iman] always says, this is my son's favorite rice. 
  • We [Mera Kitchen Collective] want to use our platform for advocacy.
  • We're hoping in a year or two we can have our own space [...] and that we have both a profit and non-profit side to our business. 
  • The most important part is that we continue to transfer knowledge and information.
  • One of the principles of cooperatives is cooperation amongst cooperatives. 
  • Project Goal: To use funds towards Farmer's Market launch, pay for worker-owners to attend ServSafe classes (donate!





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