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Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? Each week on The Tidbit, brought to you by Cureate, we discuss tidbits of knowledge around starting and running a small business with a food and beverage lens. Kim Bryden sits down with guest experts and shares trending new topics on food, business and culture to help best prepare you for your business journey. 



  • Food is a multi-sensory experience, but typically served in a semi-standard setting - or at least in a setting one is used to experiencing food. What if you took a part each piece of that sensory experience and created a new way of consuming, a new way of looking at food or beverage by getting hyper-focused on one of your senses?

  • As you to listen to our conversation, think: how can I be intentional and thoughtful with the ways in which I am creating my brand’s food or beverage experience AND are there ways we can focus on an aspect of our product to create a memory beyond just taste, convenience, and price point. Holiday season is right around the corner - and it’s the time when people have disposable income to spend and are looking for experiential gifts. Turn your creativity into a profit.

  • “I think there are a few reasons why people are obsessed with these food themed pop-ups. One reason is because this is a new way people are being introduced to food classics. For example ice cream, you are used to seeing it through the glass of a freezer and scooped into a white styrofoam cup or in a cardboard container in your freezer.”

  • “The second reason I think these pop-ups are doing so well is because people are yearning to play around like their younger self. These pop-ups give adults the chance to play dress-up again. The experience invites you to buy tickets with friends and just giggle while playing America's Next Top Model. It gives the customer about an hour to two hours to just be carefree and not think about real life.”

  • “When designing an experience the made piece you want to think about are your five senses. What are your eyes seeing, what can your hands feel, do, or make, what is your nose smelling, your mouth tasting, your ears listening to.”

  • “For example with rosé - you have the vines and vineyard, the grapes, the color of the grapes and the color of the liquid, the aroma, the bubbles, the history of how rosé became what it is today - all of these pieces can be used to be blown up into a Instagram-worthy experience. For example - walking through a grape cave or experience what it feels like to be in a glass of champagne bubbles. All of these unique experiences are what make these pop-ups Instagram worthy.”

  • Rose’s Luxury cute “catch-phrase” awesome neon sign mentioned on the show

  • Museum of Ice Cream sprinkle pool

  • “The best low-budget tip for updating a space is paint! Paint can dramatically transform any space. Use paint to create a pattern or mural on a wall, update flooring, update furniture, tables, cabinets. One of my favorite tricks is getting upholstery spray paint made for cars and using that with a stencil to update a rug. I made a palm leaf stencil on used white spray paint to update a navy carpet and it was just the unique pop that the room needed. Another favorite trick is what I call project and paint. You don't need to be the best artist to create great designs. Use your computer to help create a pattern or typography and the use a projector to transfer it to a wall. Use a pencil to trace it onto the wall and then paint it in!”

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