Baltimore and Beyond: 2018 Food Trends

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EPISODE 02: Baltimore and Beyond: 2018 Food Trends

What are your business goals for the New Year? Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? At The Tidbit, we’ve got your back. Each week we drop tidbits of knowledge around starting a small business in the DC/Baltimore metro areas with featured guests. On this episode, food media expert Marisa Dobson joins us to discuss local and national food trends for 2018.


  • [Grab Mount Olympus Flower tea and the Okinawa] What is the story of this dessert? I found out more about Pichet Ong, the pastry chef for Brothers and Sisters. He is a James Beard nominated pastry chef who previously worked for Jean Georges, a cookbook author, and resident judge on Cake Wars.
  • World Central Kitchen's purpose is to use the power of food to empower communities and strengthen economies.
  • I think it's important for us to see economic development and empowerment as doing something with community as opposed to for community. 
  • We can no longer separate business and purpose. Taking a stand, creating action and putting your dollars into what you believe -- THIS is the movement that has been sparked. 
  • How are you going to create values-oriented action within your business this year? 
  • Why work for yourself and take on that additional responsibility and stress if it's not something you're aligned with?
  • 2018 Food Trend #1: Food Activism
  • I've only ever witnessed this behavior in fine dining establishments [stated simply] it's about power.
  • Being transparent about who is in power, and who is being empowered, is a sentiment we as consumers are taking note.
  • It's not just the tangible money, but the emotional worthiness of money.
  • 2018 Food Trend #2: No-Waste Movement
  • When we're not at home, we're seeking third spaces that is providing a sense of rejuvenation. We are looking for a respite from daily life. Collectively, I think we’re seeking a dining experience that provides more connection, more intimacy.
  • 2018 Food Trend #3: Dining as a Daily Respite
  • A family matriarch, experience is feeling like a part of the family, a part of the community. It's not just nourishing your body, but nourishing your soul.
  • Millennials get a bad wrap for being in their phones, but this movement is very much a reflection of us craving connection. 
  • A big reason I moved to Baltimore is because of the community. 
  • School of Food is a year-long educational curriculum for food & beverage business owners run in partnership with Humanim, a workforce development non-profit in East Baltimore. 
  • 2018 Food Trend #4: Purchasing Dollars Circulating in the Community
  • 2018 Food Trend #5: Baltimoreans Not Just into Pub Food. It's Culinary Creative Mecca!
  • Resourcefulness, Creativity, Collaboration: it fosters a market research opportunity where you can take risks, be bold because the community provides a social safety net, they show-up for you. 
  • My goal for 2018? Improve my block. One thing I'm really passionate about is improving the little bit that I can. Get the word out about the wonderful community and vacant storefronts that are on the main street of Lauraville. 




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