This Entrepreneur Wins $1,000 from Community-Based Business

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  • Everyone is entitled to an exceptional living experience.
  • [Nest] creates a highly customer service oriented approach to property management.
  • When you have great spaces, you attract great tenants. And when you're happy at home, you are a better neighbor. And better neighbors are active in their communities, which is better for the city.
  • We measured our success based on the number of good jobs we were creating. 
  • Are you hiring a team member and putting them into a system that is streamlined?
  • The more streamlined we are from a systems-based perspective, our team can be there when there is an emergency or when there's an opportunity to problem solve. 
  • There was no way for me to enjoy success as an entrepreneur without having a really great team of talent. 
  • I wanted to create an opportunity for others to have the agency/ownership, [...] and buy into a new concept that was separate from but synergistic with Nest DC. 
  • We now have 15 owners of Roost DC! Hands-down this is one of my proudest moments as a business owner. 
  • Our ability to meaningfully to the community is core to our business from the beginning. Time and talent has always been available, but now we are financially giving back.
  • We're really excited to be offering $1,000 to... SOILFUL CITY!
  • Thanks for the work that you do - if there is anything we can do to help with exposure, we want to make sure you thrive and succeed! 
  • Hear Xavier's full reaction at 21:15 and how he intends to use the funds.
  • Listen to Xavier's full story on his Tidbit episode




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