we know, systems-change is complex…

And, we know that creating a new localized supply & demand system to better serve big and small businesses, consumers and local economies means working directly with decision makers to build foundational infrastructure. This infrastructure includes strong relationships with entrepreneur communities, easy-to-access tools and resources for small businesses and seamless, centralized procurement capabilities for big businesses to source from small businesses.

We team up city-by-city with local government, anchor institutions and other key decision makers to:

  • License Cureate Connect so governments and anchor institutions can seamlessly use our platform for agency and institutional procurement from small businesses

  • Serve as a third party crucial to shifting dollars to local economies, as governments are often unable to be involved in buyer-vendor procurement transactions for regulatory reasons

  • Provide technological support in rolling out Cureate Connect and other city-led resources, such as online toolkits

  • Assist in gaining trust and growing relationships with the local small business community

  • Develop and facilitate city-specific educational curricula and other programs to offer direct, affordable and easy-to access resources for emerging local entrepreneurs

  • Collect and analyze data at the local and regional level to assess the local business landscape, offering valuable information to economic development agencies and other key players in promoting local economic health

Let’s start talking about a new system —
a new way of working between big and small

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