One of the biggest hurdles facing entrepreneurs is the time and other resources spent working in their business vs. working on their business. The latter is made more resource-consuming due to the complexity of steps required to start and grow a small business, from registering as a small business to accounting to complying with regulations.

We develop and offer city-specific educational and mentorship programs that take the guesswork out of starting and running a successful business, empowering small business entrepreneurs to build a solid foundation to grow and scale.

Read a few of our case studies below.

School of food

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  • School of Food (SoF) is a year-long series of workshops for food and beverage entrepreneurs offered in partnership with City Seeds, a Humanim Social Enterprise. Each workshop features one or more industry expert and teaches foundational topics such as: employer relations; financial forecasting; recipe costing; packaging and labeling requirements; food safety and health regulations; marketing; and distribution opportunities.


latino economic development center

  • Working alongside partner, Latino Economic Development Center (LEDC), we’ve worked with Corner Store owners throughout Washington, DC on how to assess their product mix for better merchandising, marketing and increased profitability. Whether working with Georgia Avenue corner store owner, Mr. Nesro, on a new website or providing market research on new product requests from neighbors in Petworth, Washington DC for Mr. Mateswal (link, and see screenshot!) - we’re proud to continue working with our small business community that has served the District for (on average) over 25 years.


University of the district of columbia

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  • The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) is the nation’s only land grant recipient in an urban area. Because of this, UDC has a strong commitment to urban agriculture, urban/rural distribution and sales channels. Cureate has worked alongside UDC in producing workshop series like: Tips for Winning Over Retail Buyers, Market Readiness, and Social Media Marketing.


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