Marketing Mastermind

Have you ever needed a support system as your business is growing through a major change? 

A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. 

Smart Partnerships, Sales and Marketing Strategy for Q4

Summer is the perfect time to sit down, get reflective, and plan for a busy end of the year — especially in the food industry! Connect with peers and Cureate CEO, Kim Bryden, as we learn with each other. Together we'll create systems for the upcoming quarter, while taking the time to listen and support one another. Who knows what smart partnerships will emerge in the room!

  • definition of goals, customer journey mapping, and sales targets

  • b2b2c marketing and sales tactics - specific to your business

  • smart partnership strategy for attracting buyers & consumers

  • 2hr 1:1 coaching session with kim bryden

This Marketing Mastermind will run between July and August 2018. There are ONLY 10 spots available. Once the group is confirmed, we will determine the time of day that works best for the quorum of the group. All sessions will be held virtually, which means (1) be in the comfort of your own home wearing loungewear; and (2) they will also be recorded for future reference! 

Additional Benefits:

  • Potential feature on The Tidbit radio show
  • Features on Cureate social media channels 
  • Direct introductions to potential Buyers and target customers
  • Potential for cross-collaboration and sales channels amongst businesses in the Mastermind cohort

DISCLAIMER: Refunds are only accepted up until 4th of July. After 4th of July, there will be no refunds issued and payments are final.


Register your spot today by paying in full ($500); or in (4) payments - due before each session ($125).