cureate connect

Cureate Connect is our proprietary platform that matches big business and institutional buyers with local entrepreneurs. We help businesses both big and small save valuable time and money by serving as:

  • Local boots-on-the-ground for big business and institutional Buyers looking to discover new Vendors

  • A megaphone for small businesses searching for new opportunities and a way to efficiently market themselves

  • The prime, centralized supplier, handling buyer-vendor communications and transactions

Our work continues after payment is received. We track how each buyer’s dollars have increased jobs in their city or region, enabling them to report to key internal and external stakeholders and establish valuable goodwill.


Are you interested in working with local, small business?



Are you a product-based Vendor (small business)?


When we talk about shifting our purchasing dollars back into the local economy, what does that actually look like? How can we make a sizable change in the way we vote with our dollars? @umdmedcenter made an amazing commitment in #localsourcing → link to learn more.


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