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our mission:

we exist to shift purchasing dollars back into our local economies — while empowering small business owners to survive and thrive through education and access to resources


About Cureate

We’ve built a suite of products and services for big and small businesses, and the cities they serve, to work together and create the foundation of a new local supply system. We CONNECT small and large businesses through our centralized local procurement platform; EMPOWER entrepreneurs to navigate the challenges associated with starting and growing a business; and work with cities to BUILD the foundational infrastructure to support small businesses and strengthen local economies.

Our vision is for all cities and regions nationwide to adopt new systems that best serve big and small businesses, consumers and local economies.

More About Our Mission and Leadership




Cureate Connect is our proprietary platform that matches big business and institutional buyers with local entrepreneurs — helping all parties involved save valuable time and money.

We’re local boots on-the-ground for big businesses, a megaphone for small businesses, and the match-maker for both, ensuring an easy and reliable transaction experience.


A selection of Buyer partners committed to sourcing locally

“[Cureate] was instrumental in providing a selection of the correct small businesses and also as a liaison to help them meet minimum requirements to become an approved purveyor. [They] also ensured that initial contact and first delivery went smoothly. In short, we would not have on boarded half as many small businesses without [Cureate]'s involvement.”

- University Dining Services



One of the biggest hurdles facing entrepreneurs is the time and other resources spent working in their business vs. working on their business. We develop and offer city-specific technical assistance and entrepreneurship education programs that take the time-consuming guesswork out of starting and running a successful business — empowering small business owners to build a solid foundation to grow and scale.



entrepreneurs coached

Cureate works 1:1 with owner/operators, in addition to providing educational curriculum through technical assistance partners.



workshops facilitated

We’ve produced and facilitated more than 55 workshops for the Mid-Atlantic small business community over the past 4 years.



community partners activated

Including: Apple; University of the District of Columbia; Humanim; Latino Economic Development Center; District Bridges and more!



We know that creating a new system to better serve big and small businesses, consumers and local economies means working directly with decision makers to build foundational infrastructure. This infrastructure includes:

  • co-creating strong relationships with local city governments and anchor institutions

  • building trust and collaboration with entrepreneur communities

  • developing easy-to-access tools and resources for small business owners

  • adding seamless, centralized procurement capabilities for big business to source from small business

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Cureate is a Certified WomEn-Owned Business

Cureate proudly achieved certification through Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the largest certifier of women-owned businesses in the U.S. and a leading advocate for women business owners and entrepreneurs. This puts us -- and therefore our vendors -- on the radar of even more large businesses and institutions looking to source from women-owned businesses, and is particularly meaningful given our work with the women entrepreneurs that make up more than half of our Cureate Connect vendors.


Cureate is a certified business enterprise

We co-created alongside the Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD) in Washington, DC a centralized Toolkit for accessing resources, events and new business opportunities between DC-based small business owners, agencies and non-profit service providers. Click “let’s work together” to learn more about our project.


The Tidbit

Do you run a small business, or have dreams to start one? The Tidbit, brought to you by Cureate, provides tidbits of knowledge around starting and running a small business with a food and beverage lens. Through our partnership with Full Service Radio, Cureate CEO Kim Bryden sits down with guest experts and shares trending new topics on food, business, and culture to help best prepare you for your business journey.

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